Arachnophobia Test

Do you have an irrational and exaggerated fear of spiders?

Arachnophobia test

Answer the 10 questions of this Arachnophobia Test and quickly check if you have a phobia of spiders, and its intensity.

Arachnophobia test

1. Seeing a spider makes me nervous, my heart races and my body tenses.

2. I cannot enter or leave a room if I know there is a spider in it.

3. I am worried about being bitten by spiders.

4. It makes me uncomfortable to watch a video or a photo of a spider.

5. I avoid going to the field or going camping in case there are spiders or arachnids in the surroundings.

6. Although I tell myself that they are not dangerous, I always react with anxiety and fear to spiders.

7. I am concerned that the spider may move and that its movement is unpredictable.

8. I can't get a spider out of my house and I need someone to help me.

9. When I see spiders I want to kill them or that someone else kill them.

10. I am ashamed of my fear of spiders and I prefer that others do not know.

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What is the impact of arachnophobia?

Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias. People who have this phobia are often aware that their thoughts towards spiders are irrational or unlikely to occur. Despite this, they cannot avoid their reaction of anxiety and fear when they see an arachnid.

The most common thoughts are usually:

  • Spiders are fast and unpredictable so I won't be able to avoid it and it will crawl on my body or jump on me.
  • Spiders are aggressive and poisonous, if one reaches me it will bite me and I can be injured or killed.
  • It will crawl onto my nose/eyes/ears or even enter my ear and get stuck or leave eggs under my skin.

People with arachnophobia continually avoid spiders, sometimes so much that they can forget about the impact that fear of spiders has on their lives. They often avoid basements, attics, garages, gardens, and places where they have previously seen a spider.

They also tend to repeatedly check for spiders in their room or even in their car and do not often go camping or walking in rural areas or forests.

Don't let your spider phobia run your life. If that's your case, I highly recommend that you seek the help of a psychologist. We only live one life, don't waste it.

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