Enochlophobia Test

Are you Afraid of Crowds

enochlophobia test

Take this Enochlophobia Test and check in less than 3 minutes if you suffer from fear of crowds, what is its intensity and whether you should seek a therapist.

Enochlophobia Test

1. I experience intense fear if I find myself in the middle of a crowd of people.

2. Crowds almost always cause me immediate fear and/or anxiety.

3. My fear of concentrations of people is exaggerated or disproportionate to the real danger they pose.

4. I avoid (or resist with anxiety and fear) crowds of people.

5. Anxiety, fear, or avoidance have a major impact on my life or cause me a lot of discomfort.

6. My concern in front of the crowds is not better explained by symptoms of another mental disorder, for example fear of anxiety attacks (agoraphobia), or social phobia (you also suffer from anxiety when being with few people).

7. I have been feeling anxious, fearful of or avoiding crowds for 6 months or more.

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Diagnostic criteria for Enochlophobia

To be classified as enochlophobia , the fear of crowds must be excessive and persistent, causing you to experience fear, anxiety and/or panic. In addition, the fear must significantly affect your quality of life, or at least cause you you significant discomfort.

If you are enolophobic, you will try to avoid places where you think that a concentration of people may occur (concerts, football games, market days...) or you will face your fear of crowds with great anxiety or discomfort.

In any case, anxiety or fear of crowds should not be better explained by another type of disorder, such as claustrophobia (fear confined spaces) or agoraphobia (phobia to open spaces/panic attacks).

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