Nomophobia Test ▷ Are you Nomophobic?

Do you feel nervous if you forget your cell phone at home? Are you afraid of running out of battery or losing coverage? Do you constantly look at your mobile during a conversation?

nomophobia test

Take this simple Nomophobia Test and determine in less than 3 minutes how serious your mobile addiction is, and if you should change your habits.

Nomophobia test

1. I carry my mobile phone everywhere, even when I move to another room at home

2. I use my smartphone at all times, even when I shouldn't (at work, parties, family gatherings, before bed, on the street, in the bathroom...)

3. I feel anxious when I lose coverage and cannot connect to a WiFi network, to communicate with my family / friends, or to check my social networks.

4. I feel nervous when my cell phone battery is running low and I don't have a charger handy.

5. I experience anxiety when I leave my smartphone at home

6. I am terrified to think that my relatives try to communicate with me and I cannot answer them because I have no coverage or battery.

7. I react in an aggressive or rude way when they tell me that I am addicted or dependent on mobile phones.

8. I often stay up all night to use my mobile (talking with friends, meeting people on the internet, checking social networks, watching videos...).

9. I use my mobile constantly during meals.

10. I constantly check my mobile while I am chatting with someone

11. I check my smartphone continuously to check the notifications, even if I have not heard any prompts

12. I have had problems with my friends, family or partner for using the mobile constantly.

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Are you Nomophobic?

Although nomophobia is not explicitly included in the Psychologists' Reference Manual (DSM-V), the criteria for diagnosing it could well be based on this manual's definition for phobias:

  • An excessive and irrational fear or anxiety for not being able to use the mobile.
  • Being aware that you do not have a mobile phone causes immediate anxiety
  • The person acknowledges that their fear or anguish is disproportionate (usually)
  • Routines and interpersonal relationships are often affected by this phobia

These criteria certainly fit the profile of a nomophobic person who worries when they don't have access to their mobile device and who goes to great lengths to make sure they always have their phone close at hand. However, to be diagnosed with a phobia, the DSM-V also states that anxiety or panic must not be better explained by another condition.

This is where the definition of nomophobia gets blurry, as it could simply be the result of living in a digital world where we are constantly connected to others through our phones.

Other theories tend to describe nomophobia as an anxiety disorder derived from an addiction. In fact, nomophobia and mobile addiction are often used synonymously.

Whether it is an addiction, anxiety or a phobia, the impact of being chained to the telephone and the anguish produced by not having it, can have a significant impact on the lives of nomophobic people.

In fact, the consequences of nomophobia are similar to those of any other addiction: "Nomophobia can lead people to worry about their phone and turn to it if they are depressed, anxious and lonely. This is especially true for individuals with pre-existing anxiety, which can equate your phones with a safe zone.

But nomophobia can also end up affecting relationships, even putting the job of the nomophobic person at risk , by constantly spending time checking their notifications on their mobile, chatting or answering calls during their working hours. All this leads to a decrease in their concentration and in their productivity. Changing the focus of attention between work and the phone constantly affects concentration and can add stress to the workplace.

In addition, the negative influence that mobile phones can have on student performance is clear. A study conducted among more than 500 dental students revealed the adverse influence that smartphone addiction can have on academic performance.

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